Mercedes-Benz Interior & Exterior Plans

Interior & Exterior Plans

Extra Protection. Extra peace of mind.

Spills. Stains. Splatters. They could happen to the interior, and even the exterior of your vehicle. That’s why Mercedes-Benz Financial now offers a new level of protection – First Class Interior and Exterior Protection- using DuPont Products. A protective coating is applied to the fabric, leather and paint, safeguarding your vehicle against stains and marks, while helping to maintain your vehicle’s overall appearance.

We’ve got you covered.

You want your vehicle’s fabric, leather and paint to have the same look and feel they had the day you picked your vehicle up from the dealership. By choosing First Class Interior and Exterior Protection, the DuPont protective coating will preserve your vehicle’s fabric, leather and paint against the normal wear and use that happens over time. Take a look at the advantages:

Interior Protection

Fabric Protector – As vehicles are being used more often, upholstery fabric and carpets are exposed to more spills, splatters and everyday mishaps. DuPont Fabric Protector will help provide protection against staining, high temperatures and discoloration caused by all types of spills including food, coffee, soda, and other beverages.

  • The secret behind the science – DuPont Fabric Protector is designed to seal the fabric making it easier to clean up spills, and extend the life of your vehicle’s carpet and fabric seats.

Leather Protector – While leather is know for its durability, even these surfaces are not immune to wear and tear. DuPont Leather Protector creates a barrier to help protect against high temperatures, stains, premature aging, cracking and fading.

  • The Secret behind the science – DuPont Leather Protector is designed to chemically bond cross-linking agents to your leather surfaces to help protect and extend the life of your vehicle’s leather.

Exterior Protection

Paint Protector – Vehicles’ paint finishes are challenged every day to resist oxidation, fading and loss of gloss. to help maintain your vehicle’s appearance and shine, DuPont Paint Protector helps protect your paint finish in high temperatures and provides additional protection against items such as insect damage, acid rain and road salt.

  • The Secret behind the science – DuPont Paint protector is designed to chemically bond cross-linking agents to the exterior painted surface of your vehicle which provides additional protection and durability to the painted surfaces.

More coverage. More Protection.

In addition to fabric, leather, and paint protection, you’ll get the following added benefits:
Five-Year, new Vehicle product guarantee
Five-year, pre-owned vehicle product guarantee
No need for re-application
Transferable to a subsequent owner

Keep your Mercedes-Benz looking newer, longer. Ask your Mercedes-Benz dealer about First Class Interior and Exterior Protection today!

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